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Please read what some of our hunters had to say about us in their own words about their hunting trip with us.

"I have been hunting for 55 years. I have booked hunts with outfitters in 5 Canadian Providences and 7 different States. I have had great hunts and I have had some terrible hunts.            

Nothing is guaranteed when picking an outfitter for a hunt. You contact references, you make phone calls, you ask questions before spending your hard earned money that you have been saving, maybe for years. But when it's all said and done; you hope for the best and pray to the Lord that you made the right decision.

Six years ago, I booked a spring turkey hunt with 'D & E Outfitters' and I have been hunting with them every year since. The food is wonderful, accommodations good, and turkeys beyond belief. I have hunted in 80 degree weather, rain, sleet, and snow and always, always have seen turkeys. Don knows where they are and will make sure you know also. Be it a guided or self-guided hunt, rest assured; you will be where there are turkeys. I no longer consider Don and Evelyn as my outfitter but as my good friends.

You can trust 'D & E Outfitters'; they will do everything possible to make your hunt a success. The one sentence on their web site that says it all; 'Come as a Stranger, Leave as a Friend' no truer words are necessary, believe it."

Tom - Bloomsburg PA


"Don and D & E Outfitters is a first class operation. They have very good guides that know the area and the deer habits in the area. The meals were very good and the housing was excellent. We plan to hunt with Don again this year. We found them to be very honest, and concerned that we had a good hunt. I would recommend D & E for your next deer hunt." 

Jere - Narvon PA

"Don's military background has laid an excellent foundation for his career path as well as his life. I selected Don as my outfitter based on his enthusiasm, personable nature and his hard work ethic that he promised to back up. He is a man of his word and works hard to ensure his clients have above all a treasured experience."

Wayne - Riverton UT

"I went to D & E outfitters to hunt Merriam turkeys with a bow. Needless to say, Don was able to put me and my father on more turkeys than we knew what to do with, and we both ended up killing our first turkeys with a bow.

I have never seen an outfitter scout harder than Don does. He knew exactly where the turkeys were going to go as soon as their feet hit the ground until it came time for them to go back to the roost. Not only was the hunting great, but the accommodations made me feel at home. The house is very comfortable and the dinners we ate every night were delicious. I was sad to leave, but I look forward to hunting turkeys with him again next year and for the years to come. I would definitely say that we came to D & E Outfitters as strangers and left as great friends."

Brandon - Cumming GA
"Fellow Bowhunters.  If you are looking for an Outfitter I would highly recommend Don with D&E Outfitters for your next hunt.  Several years ago I was looking for a do it yourself archery whitetail hunt, when Don at D&E Outfitters was recommended to me.  Don was great to talk with and his ability to match his operation with our expectations was a perfect match. 

Nebraska is a wonderful place to hunt and Don and Evelyn are great people to deal with.  Don gave us all the details of our hunting area and where the good spots might be.  We found the deer plentiful and our access was great.   We had numerous encounters with several nice bucks almost every day and saw lots of deer to always keep our interest up on what might walk by next. I would say my recommendation is book it."

Dennis - Larkspur CO

"My son and I have tried to book a hunt for Merriam turkeys for the past 4 years, but his college schedule conflicted with the season dates. Finally, this year school let out one week early and we were able to book our hunt with D & E Outfitters during the last week of the season.  The weather was spectacular and the gobblers were gobbling and strutting from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm. We took all four birds in full strut and at less than 30 yards. The size of the birds far exceeded my expectations with all four weighing in at 28 - 30 pounds!! Don & Evelyn were very flexible to work with us to make a very successful hunt. Having lunch at the lodge, followed by a nap, then hunting until 9:00 pm with supper HOT on the stove was outstanding. I highly recommend D & E Outfitters to anyone looking for a high quality hunt with outstanding company."

Desmond - El Dorado, Arkansas

"For the turkey hunter/hunters looking for an opportunity to hunt the Merriam, look no further than D&E. D&E's focus is on hunters having an opportunity to harvest a bird. The amount of time and effort put in during the off-season by Don is evident by the number of birds you see during your hunt.

My father and I have turkey hunted all our life, but we were blown away by the number of birds we saw in Nebraska. The accommodations are excellent and make you feel right at home. Evelyn's cooking is delicious. My father and I have hunted with D&E the past 2 seasons (filled our tags each time) and will continue to come up each year we are able to. Don and Evelyn are an excellent hunting outfit, but even better people."


John - Bessemer AL


"Don, I would like to thank you for having my buddy Adam and I out there for the 2013 turkey season. It was by far the best turkey season I've ever had. I've never heard gobbling like that ever. The first morning we estimated there to be at least 30 gobblers in this tree line. We called it "The Gobble Wave." Sounded like a wave of gobbles.

Filled three of our South Dakota tags in less than a minute. It's obvious that you work very hard to give your hunters the best chance at harvesting their game.

The only way I figured you won't fill your tag out at Don's place is if you're trying to hunt with Chinese stars while wearing fluorescent orange! Thank you again for a great hunt and the two beautiful Merriam fans I have on the wall. I'll be back soon with my daughter this time. She's after me to go out there."

Andy - Indianapolis IN

"I have hunted with Don and D&E Outfitters for several years. Our group has been able to tag out every year with quality whitetail bucks. Our deer have been mature bucks ranging from 130 class up to 152 and 154 B & C. Many larger bucks have been seen, but did not present a good shot opportunity. I can honestly say that Don is the best deer hunting outfitter that I have hunted with having hunted with 4-5 others outfitters over the last 10 yrs.

Don has always been up front and completely honest in his business of selling hunts. I have found that he is committed to telling you exactly what to expect on your hunt and he will do everything possible to see that you are pleased. Even though our hunts were self-guided Don took time to check on us out at the ranch during the day and usually at night when we got in as well.

I can without reservation "Highly Recommend" D & E Outfitters if you are looking for a deer hunt in Nebraska or South Dakota."

Mickey - Centreville AL

"Hunted spring 2013 with D & E outfitters for Merriam turkeys with a bow. Don has great hunting property with lots of turkeys.  Don scouts hard and knows where the game is on his properties. My Daughter and I were trying to get a slam with the bow in a single hunting season. After hunting 2 days with lot of opportunities my daughter got her Merriam and I had one day left to hunt for my Merriam.  A winter blizzard hit on the last day and I thought hunt is over. Don had a property that he knew turkeys would take cover in a big group of cedars trees with that bad of a snow storm. We set up and two big toms walk in the cedars trees and I was able to complete my slam with the bow in a single season. Did not think is going to happen with 40 MPH winds, 17 degrees and snowing sideways. Great job Don! Accommodation were very good and meals great. Have a mule Deer hunt book in NOV 2013 can't wait to get there and start hunting.  

"I have been lucky enough to hunt turkey's with different outfitters and friends in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Texas, South Dakota, and Nebraska.  We like to drive to all of our hunts and our hunt in Nebraska with D&E Outfitters is about a 15 hour drive for us.  When we were about 2 hours out from our destination we received a phone call from Don's wife letting us know that Don had feel and injured his right elbow and was going to require surgery on the day of our arrival. 

You could here the stress in miss Evelyn's voice as she wasn't sure how everything was going to go with Don having to be at the hospital and 7 hunters from Tennessee pulling into camp as our guide/outfitter was going into surgery, and honestly we were not sure how it was going to go either.   Needless to say this was the rockiest start to a hunt I had ever experienced. 
That night as some of there local friends arrived to help out and a very tired Mrs. Evelyn and a very medicated fresh out of surgery Don arrived we had a fine meal and began introductions and talked about the next days hunt.  Don, and I can't stress this enough, fresh out of surgery with his friend driving took us around to show us the property we would be hunting.  He pointed out roost sites, travel routes, and property lines and boundaries very well.  So we went back to the farm house to prepare for the hunt. We also learned that one of there guides was headed home to Pennsylvania and turned around after driving 13 hours and drove back to camp. 26 hours in the seat. WOW!!!
That's dedication to your boss and shows just how much you care about the clients and the reputation of who you work for.  Thanks again for that. 
Hunting aside I hope you can take away from my words the effort and dedication I feel like D & E Outfitters puts into there clients and there business.
As for the hunting there's really nothing else I can compare it to.  Fantastic, incredible, insane, nuts, insert your on adjective.  Don has acres upon acres leased so land is not an issue. 
Turkey's everywhere. I mean everywhere. Heard multiple birds every morning.  So much so your not sure which way to go. My best advice listen sit and wait. lf you move a lot your going to bump birds. We did.  There's really that many birds and we hunted the last hunt. Long story short my son and I killed 5 birds in 3 days all within 1 mile of each other. 4 were killed within a 1/4 mile of each other and there were still birds there.  All gobblers by the way.
Speaking for my son and myself we were completely satisfied with D & E Outfitter's.  We feel like Don, Evelyn, and there entire group of staff and friends went above and beyond our expectations to make our hunt a success.  I am truly grateful the opportunity they gave me and my son and Lord willing we will get to hunt with them again."  
Chris - Dover TN

"My son and I booked a hunt for the 2012 season with D & E Outfitters based on the recommendation of an "old" army buddy, who I've hunted and fished with for over 30 years.  Don recommended that we enter the South Dakota lottery. My son and buddy were successful in the draw there. I easily purchased my NE tag on-line. Don placed us on the same ranch with property in both NE and SD. As the season approached I learned that the "blue tongue" virus was impacting the region. We contacted Don and he assured us that he was monitoring the problem. He continued to scout intensively and reported that he and the ranch hands were still observing high quality, shooter bucks. Don continued to update us throughout the late summer and early fall. We were able to take advantage of an unguided hunt since my friend had hunted with D & E before.  "Unguided" did not mean exactly that. Don met with us the night before our hunt and checked with us periodically throughout our hunt. We had no issues whatsoever with other hunters, landowner or ranch hands during our hunt. Don works hard to establish professional relationships with every rancher he contracts with and it was readily apparent to us. I shot my "best yet" 10 point early on opening morning. My son watched and waited out an even better 11 point until Monday morning. I can recommend Don without reservation and look forward to returning for another fine hunting experience."



Keith "Otto" - Brandon VT

"D&E Outfitters is first class. Don & Evelyn along with the guide staff are wonderful people. The accommodations were great and you will not leave hungry. The numbers of turkeys was amazing. If you want the hunt of a lifetime book now. It will be a memory you will cherish a lifetime. Thanks Don, Evelyn and Cam for a fabulous time."

Gobble, Gobble. Jon-Joplin, MO

"To whom it may concern,

I am an attorney from the Sacramento, California area.

I have known Don Schwandt for many years, and have used his services for personal and professional matters. My interaction with Don consists of: myself, fellow attorneys, and other business partners, using Don's outfitter services for various hunts across several states.

I have found Don Schwandt to be very professional in all of our mutual personal and professional dealings, and I plan on utilizing his services for many years to come.

It has also been my experience that many of Don's other clients share my same sentiments." 


Matthew - Elk Grove CA

"I believe this is our 6th year hunting with D & E Outfitters and there is something to be said about returning that many times. There are a lot of outfitters looking for you to hunt with them but we tried D & E Outfitters to get on some nice Whitetails and Mule Deer in Nebraska.

If we keep rebooking it means we are seeing plenty of nice shooters and there is value in Don's hunts. We are treated exceptionally well, have good food while we are hunting and have lodging that is comfortable. On most hunts there are small issues that crop up, but Don is more than willing to take care of them to ensure we have the hunt we expected. Don has some premium leases in Nebraska and that is the one state we can shoot a nice Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer in the same hunt areas on the same over the counter permit. Please see my Monster Buck in the D & E Outfitters Gallery!"


Tom - Roscoe IL

"I talked to Don of D&E Outfitters about turkey hunting way in advance before booking the hunt. He was very prompt with replies and full of information. He made sure all my ducks where in a row for a quality hunt. 


It is very noticeable that Don and his guides do their homework when it comes to scouting. They are very knowledgeable and put me right in the where he birds where. I was amazed at the pure number of birds on their ranches. Group of 4 of us were done in no time. 


The accommodations where second to none. Very clean, comfortable, and quiet. Just what I was looking for. Did I mention the food. Amazing is what I would call the meals. Be ready to put on some weight. 


All around top notch outfitter. I would recommend anyone to hunt with D&E. You won't regret it." 


Kyle - Pawnee IL


"In April 2013, I set out to start my grand slam. Being from Wisconsin I have hunted Eastern birds for several years and have been very successful with both archery and shotgun. I started planning my slam and wanted to tag a Merriam's bird but did not know what state I wanted to hunt in. After several reviews on several different hunting sites/forums I decided to travel to Nebraska for my Merriam's bird. I researched several different Outfitter and decided to hunt with Don at D&E Outfitters. The webpage was very helpful and Don was always there to answer questions via email or telephone in a timely response. Booking with D&E Outfitters was very easy.

When I arrived in Nebraska I jumped right into my Double Bull Blind on a property that Don had scouted earlier in the Day. Don assured me that there were several very nice birds in the area. The first night in the blind I had seen more turkeys in one sit than I have ever seen in Wisconsin. The number of birds seen reached 75-100. The first night of hunting was still a success to me even though I did not tag my archery Merriam's. The second morning I set up in the same spot as the previous night. The amount of mature toms on the roost was unbelievable. I was successful enough to shoot my Merriam's gobbler that night at 20 yards.

I highly recommend D&E Outfitters as an outfitter in Nebraska weather hunting turkeys, whitetail, or mule deer. The amount of properties that Don has access is unbelievable. The food and atmosphere at camp were also very good. I will hunt with Don again in the future and will be bringing more people with me to experience the high quality hunting Nebraska has to offer."

Ben - Appleton WI

"My first whitetail hunt with D&E Outfitters was in November of 2012.  My father and I were tentative at first as we had heard the horror stories of the EHD virus.  Don and others were upfront and honest about what we could expect with the spread of EHD through that area.  It had us nervous but we made the trip up anyway for an "un-guided" hunt.  We were not disappointed at all.  The rut activity was like nothing we'd ever seen hunting in other states.  Bucks and does on their feet moving from sun up to sun down.   Don checked on us on a regular basis before and throughout our hunt, making feel as if we were not on our own at all.  My father and I both killed our biggest deer yet.  If 2012 was a down year we couldn't tell at all."

Andrew - Katy TX

"I've been turkey hunting with Don and D&E Outfitters for the three years in a row now; and I can't say enough good things about him and his guiding service. He runs a top notch outfitting business. As soon as you arrive he takes you to the place that you will be hunting, and tells you everything that you need to know about the area.

Don is really easy to get along with and will answer any questions that you might have about the hunt. He puts a lot of time into his scouting; he is very knowledgeable about the areas that you will be hunting and putting you on birds is his main goal. Don and Evelyn have their motto "come a stranger and leave a friend" and after the first hunt I ever did with them, that's exactly how I felt after I left. I recommend anybody thinking about going on a Merriam turkey hunt to go with D&E outfitters you will not regret it. I will be doing a lot more hunts with him in the future." 

Kevin - Oakland TN

"I've bow hunted and rifle hunted with D & E every year since 2006 and I greatly appreciate their honesty and professionalism. They have excellent properties and I've harvested some very good deer with them in both seasons. Their guides are knowledgeable, hardworking and accommodating and everyone that has hunted in our party has had a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to deer hunt Nebraska or S.D. They're first rate people who run an excellent operation and importantly - they want you to be successful!"

George - Jemez Springs NM


"I came to Don on my first Merriam's turkey hunt in 2012. Wasn't planning the trip but got persuaded by a good friend to try it out and completely loved it. I am a taxidermist in the Memphis area and get a lot of customers who have ventured out to various guide services and I hear a lot of them who are not pleased with their experience.

On my trip to Nebraska I was unsure what to expect because of these stories from my customers. Long story made into a short one, Don is the hardest working guide you will find and I have 100% faith for that to remain true. As I recall him saying on one of the hunts, "It's not hard to do when you love what you are doing!" The main thing that stands out to me about this outfitter is the attitude they possess. The mentality I get from them is, it's not a good day for them unless everyone is successful and happy with their results as well. It's never about Don or how tired, worn out, or exhausted he may be, it's always about that next customer and what does he need to do to help you. I came back to Nebraska in 2013 for another turkey hunt; I am booked for the 2014 turkey hunt, and also working on a 2014 archery whitetail hunt with Don.

He has received a customer for as long as I can make the trip. On the last turkey hunt we harvested 7 birds in 3 days and anyone who turkey hunts knows how hard that can be, with one of the members of our group never harvesting a long beard before this trip. I feel confident if you give D & E outfitters one try, you can rest assured that this will be the place you call to book your hunts from this point forward! If you have never been on a guided hunt, as I had not before 2012, take the opportunity to give Don @ D&E a try an experience how great a hunt with them can be."

Brandon - Eads TN

"Growing up in Illinois and not having the beautiful Merriam turkey out our back door, D and E outfitters was the place to go and definitely something to brag about with their abundance of turkeys and other game, great accommodation, food was amazing, and there family like atmosphere made you feel at home. It is a place I will definitely go back to.  DID I MENTION THE FOOD WAS AMAZING........"


Tyler - Pawnee IL

"Three years ago I started hunting whitetail deer at D&E Outfitters. The first few days were pretty slow and I saw very few deer. Don kept checking up with me and decided to move me to a different location. Within hours at the new location I had an excellent buck on the ground that would be a trophy anywhere in the country. Don is very consciences and will do whatever it takes to get you on to game. I was pleasantly surprised by his willingness to spend time with us to ensure a good hunt and to socialize after the hunt knowing that we weren't his only hunters.

Don is very accommodating of our ideas and requests to hunt areas that we like. He's given us many options for hunting areas and sometimes it's hard to make a choice because the options are many. Every year we were able to fill our tags with very nice animals.

I consider Nebraska and D&E Outfitters "home" when it comes to hunting and look forward to this outing every year."

Don and Evelyn thanks for the great hunting memories. 

Dave - Belgium WI

"I've turkey hunted most of my life and done almost all of it in the black belt of Alabama. It is a passion of mine that is overwhelming at times and I absolutely love it. With that said, the one species I've wanted to hunt the most was a Merriam turkey. After a lot of research and references, I along with two buddies chose D & E and headed west. I can't say enough about how great everything was. Don and Evelyn are both first class. Two of us did Semi-Guided and the other did a fully guided. The fully guided buddy was done with two birds the first afternoon. I was done the first morning with two birds and got to be part of the last bird on the other semi-guided hunt.

No matter what kind of experience level hunter you are, D & E can make your dream happen. I was blown away by the amount of birds they have and they are in no way over hunted. Don knows the birds and Evelyn will make sure you're comfortable during your stay. My buddies and I hope to return very soon. Thanks for everything guys. I'll do the non-stop 20 hour drive one way for that again!"


Austin - Birmingham AL


"I have hunted with D & E  4 times both bow and rifle.  Don has some of the best leases to hunt sporting an abundance of whitetail bucks.  I hunt with 4 friends and during each of the times we all hunted with Don 1 of us shot a buck over 150"  and we filled our tags with bucks of 10 pts. or better.

The rifle season, I hunted with D & E, 28 deer hunters were hunting on Dons leases and 27 filled their tags.  I know this for a fact because I was the 28th hunter and I did not fill my tag as I was hunting one particular trophy buck and never connected, but did have a good shot opportunity, but missed.

D&E's guides are professional and experienced, and work hard for you to fill your tag with a trophy deer."

Joe - Goshen NY

"I have hunted in several states in my years of turkey hunting and was thrilled with the opportunity to visit Nebraska for the first time. I had a wonderful experience, great accommodations, food, and plenty of turkeys.

Don and Evelyn were extremely professional and made me feel at home during my hunt and the other guests and guide were into turkey hunting as much as I and shared lots of stories and laughs! First time I hunted with it snowing which added to the experience even more!

I highly recommend D&E and would love to go back for a South Dakota hunt or an even longer hunt! You can't go wrong in Nebraska with Don and Evelyn and take time to check out some of the small towns and sights along the way!"

Jeffrey - Autryville NC


"In June 2012 my brother Jon and I were talking about our Spring Missouri gobbler hunt and we decided to start pursuing our slam the next year.  I remembered a friend of mine from Georgia mentioning he and his dad had gone Merriam turkey in Nebraska with D&E Outfitters so we called to set up our hunt.  May 2013 we arrived late in the afternoon to a small well-kept farmhouse and finally met Don and Evelyn in person.  We were welcomed by our hosts and other hunters staying as guests at the house, shown to our room and introduced to our guide Cam.  Now we weren't supposed to start our hunt until the next morning but Cam had other ideas.  He told us to get our hunting gear on, grab our guns and shells, get in his truck and we were off.  We got to experience it all!  Mature gobblers everywhere.  Spot and stalk; calling over decoys from blinds; roosting birds; everyway we had ever imagined to hunt gobblers and then a few new ones we had never even thought of before.  Jon and I filled both our tags before dinner the next day and were on our way back home.  What an outstanding hunt with some of the finest folks you'll ever meet."

Keith - Ozark MO

On my way to D&E Outfitters in April of 2013 I didn't really know what to expect. The weather looked rough to say the least, cold temperatures with chances of snow every day we had to hunt. When we arrived Don took us to the land we were to hunt. My buddies and I all were blown away. More turkeys than we had ever seen before. He explained the terrain where the birds would be traveling and everything that we needed to know to harvest our birds. We all killed birds including two doubles. D&E Outfitters is the only outfitter that I have ever hunted with, and will be the only one I use to harvest Merriam turkeys. The work Don puts in to making sure you are successful and pleased with his service is not found anywhere else. He is a great guide and a good friend. I would recommend anyone that wants to hunt Merriam turkeys to choose D&E Outfitters as their outfitter.

Brian - Eads TN

"I cannot say enough good things about Don and Evelyn hunting company, they run a really super good camp! First Don knows turkeys and their habits he will put you on birds, his land holds tons of birds so you will see a lot of turkeys. Evelyn does a great job when it comes to the meals, it is so nice coming in from a long day in the field to warm meal. Having not too much turkey hunting knowledge it is really nice having Don next to you giving me all sorts of information. This is one trip I look forward each doing each year, because of great time spent with Don and Evelyn."

Kevin - Young America MN

"My son-in-law and I hunted with D & E Outfitters in the spring of 2013. I can only use the following comments to describe our hunt: Great accommodations, great food, great guides, and lots of turkeys. We had a wonderful time and hope to come back soon. Our guide was the best we've had on any of our hunting trips. He had us in turkeys almost all day. We both got our limits the first morning. A trip we will remember the rest of our lives."


Chuck & Vince - Elkhart IN

I hunted with Don at D & E outfitters in November of 2012. I enjoyed the hunt very much. It was a different hunt than what I am used to here in Wisconsin. I killed one of my best bucks to date even during a bad year with the 2012 drought. I saw many deer during the first few hours of my hunt. The landscape was beautiful. The only regret was taking my buck on the first morning of the hunt. Hope to enjoy another hunt with you in the future.

Mike - Appleton WI


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